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CRM framework

CRMize your client reach - enhance sales visibility

Multi device lead management system

Briskon CRM is a very sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) framework suitable for any small and medium enterprise (SME) who wants to have process-driven sales and marketing by involving clients. Briskon CRM maintains robust customer database throughout sale cycle. A simple yet robust, Briskon CRM software platform stores all the necessary communications between sales team with customers.

Modular in nature, our CRM framework's individual modules like leads, pipeline, customers, quotation & invoice, marketing, project development, reports etc. give you flexibility to use and customise as per your requirements. Developed on 3tier architecture and web technologies, Briskon CRM can either be used as an individual software application on your premises or can be hosted on the cloud.

Empower your salesforce with Briskon's CRM framework the way you want.
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Briskon CRM software framework has been developed for 6 levels of user as below
  • Top management
  • Sales / marketing managers
  • Sales / marketing executives
  • Reception
  • Customers and
  • Administrator
The functional areas covered under our CRM are


  • Prospect management
  • Sales pipeline
  • Sales forecast
  • Clients management
  • Contact management
  • Online calendar
  • Order management
  • Incentive management
  • Sales expenses
  • Knowledge bank
  • Profile management
  • Comprehensive reports

  • Campaign management
  • Lead management
  • Prospect management
  • Pipeline
  • Client management
  • Contact management
  • Online calendar
  • Vendor management
  • Marketing expense
  • Competitor management
  • Knowledge bank
  • Profile management
  • Comprehensive reports

  • Customer's complaints
  • Customer feedback