Challenges in embracing Digital Transformation

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Blog

Modified on June 21st, 2023

Businesses in today’s world are looking forward to increase efficiencies, improve customer service, attract talent, retain talent and stay competitive in the industry. In order to achieve all those objectives, it has become important for the businesses to go through digital transformation.

During the past few years, we experienced a boost in disruptive technologies. Most of the companies looked at the future and implemented appropriate technologies. They realized that the future of industrial revolution would be driven by these sophisticated technologies. SaaS applications and cloud computing are some of the disruptive technologies that companies have embraced during the recent past.

Even though disruptive technologies are in a position to help businesses to take their operations to the next level, they will have to deal with a series of challenges when embracing digital transformation. Here is a list of some of the most prominent challenges out of them.

Adapting to different platforms – Businesses in today’s world depend on various platforms in order to provide a better customer experience. When embracing new technologies, the companies will have to think about aligning them to all the platforms used. Otherwise, the business would fail to offer a smooth experience to its customers. When adapting the technologies, attention needs to be provided to human, touch points and self-service. Only few companies have been able to deal with this challenge successfully.

Enhancing customer knowledge – Enhancing customer knowledge can be considered as another major concern that the businesses will have to face when embracing digital transformation. Businesses in today’s world have got the need to interact and understand the specific requirements of customers at a deeper level. In other words, the business needs to realize what would influence customers to go ahead and spend their money on a specific product or service. Even though the goal is clear, achieving that with the help of disruptive technologies is a challenge.

Hiring the right talent – Right talent needs to be hired for a company to go through a smooth digital transformation. For example, data scientists need to be recruited in order to deal with large volumes of data. However, recruiting data scientists has become a challenge due to lack of available talent. On the other hand, it has become important for the businesses to tap into social media addicted millennial. Smart marketing techniques need to be followed in order to grab their attention.

Ensure business productivity – The productivity patterns that you can see inside a company should break enough in order to create new levels. This includes giving life to new cross-functional collaborations as well. For example, creating secure and shared workplaces can deliver convenience for all the employees while enhancing their productivity. Verticals including medical, biotech and financial research firms would need them. However, it has become a challenge to incorporate disruptive technologies to the business process and enhance business productivity in the long run.

Data Transformation – In current business scenarios, the data of their customers is spread across different systems (whether in offline mode or online mode). Ineffective gathering of data by various channels poses a high effort of consolidation and eventually leveraging this data. Organized and structured data is the key to digital success.

Traditional culture of an organization – Right from the leadership team to the management team needs to understand the importance of digital transform first and inculcate the transition culture across the organization. The importance of doing it, has to to convincing enough to the stakeholders to carry out this transition journey

The companies who are capable of dealing with these challenges can end up with receiving all the benefits associated with digital transformation.

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