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Where Subscription model leads you in shared world

8th Mar, 2018 - Written by Admin

Transformation in IT industry keeps evolving continuously. It may be in the form of rapidly improving hardware, upgrading softwares or skill. In any case, a company has to transform and upgrade itself to be remain competitive.

Do you recall the days when having a server room was almost compulsory for even a small organization depending upon some kind of engagement with computers? Even if the server is online on the premises, the maintenance of server both in terms of monitoring and hardware were costly. Also hosting of website used to come with a yearly cost of $2000 for mere 25MB of space. The later was still cheaper than owning a server with few GB of space. If you compare this today, you have plenty of GBs available for your websites, applications and databases at a throw away price with much better speed and performance. Today you can pay for above services for only what you use. This has been possible with offering infrastructure as service (IaaS) where you set the needed instances and you will be charged accordingly. You are sharing infrastructure of the service provider and availing the well-researched, tested, robust and quality cloud infrastructure what would not have been possible alone. You can go for a cloud based dedicated server, VPS or barely shared - sharing does help and leads to a tension free state.

So, you are a technology or engineering company and need certain tools or applications to build and test your projects quickly upon. You can either build or buy the required tools conventionally or just subscribe available platforms through Platform as a service (PaaS). Advantage – you saved a lot of time and money. On the other side, due to less price, the tools developers will have a volume of sales – which is again an advantage. Hence a win-win situation resulting better environment and make industry or economy good.

Cloud technology has been one of the hottest news in IT industry. Cloud technology has brought a revolution in almost every corner of IT, and software has also witnessed the same. Today, you need not to buy the complete software but just take the subscription and you are done. This saves your one-time huge investment and protects you from maintenance and upgrades. No need of calculating the depreciation on the software cost. Despite the depreciation of 100%, this is still very cost effective even cheaper than the conventional software purchase. These software providers are proudly announcing their cloud version of every softwares. This is Software as a service (SaaS) with which you just subscribe and enjoy services.

So the key is "Subscription takes you to an affordable, quicker, reliable state which is possible through sharing" .

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