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In today’s real-time environment, organizations need to ensure their applications run effectively & efficiently and supporting all of their unique business requirements.

Briskon offers end-to-end application maintenance and support services to ensure business continuity. We provide competent software maintenance and support service packages which are devised jointly with our clients. With over a decade of technical expertise, Briskon has an agile maintenance team which has served global organizations and enterprises.

Our services include both – application and product maintenance. Apart from Briskon’s support and maintenance, services are designed to provide short-term or long-term customised support for software products or applications.

Food Delivery custom software Application development

Food Delivery App made Restaurants affordable with a direct payment option

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Learn with Fun; Game based logic building for a Finnish startup

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B2B Wholesale Online Auction Platform for a large US warehouses firm

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Food Delivery custom software Application development

End-to-end complete learning management system for a Netherlands startup

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Customized Customer Relationship Management for a reputed Financial Company

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A social community platform to strengthen the bonds between its global members

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Our services include:

  • Troubleshooting – Troubleshooting of a variety of issues in software products
  • Bug Fixing & patch releases –Identifying and resolving bugs detected in a software product and also periodic patches for ongoing maintenance
  • New feature developments – Additions of new features on an existing software product
  • Code Optimization – We have experts in code optimisation, which helps to covert a non-scalable solution to a scalable solution. Also we can extend this services to software design and architecture.
  • UI/UX – Our team of highly skilled designers and UI/UX experts helps in improving an existing user interaction of a software product
  • Ongoing Business support – This includes a whole range of support services to keep the technical requirements of a particular business process up to date.

Briskon's support services key differentiators

  • Minimizing application/ software downtimes
  • Quick turn around time
  • Customizable support plans starting from monthly, quarterly and yearly options.
  • Cost Effective services with options for fixed, variable and TnM
  • Maintenance for entire software lifecycle
  • Ensuring quality of agreed upon deliverables
  • Highly professional, experienced team to handle a project
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