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The use of multiple software applications developed by diverse vendors is a reality in most companies. Limited by their annual IT budgets, companies are left with no choice but to gradually increase the scope of automation (using several off-the-shelf products) rather than attempt a complete overhaul.

Also, as technology advances, companies often see the need to adopt better and more efficient software applications to replace their old systems. Every investment in new software involves implementation, customization, training, and maintenance; and hence the need for professional services.

Again, older versions of applications require maintenance even after the original vendors cease to support them. The same applies to legacy systems. Companies need to continuously add "bridges" to make their older applications work alongside newer the ones.

Food Deliverysoftware Application development

Food Delivery App made Restaurants affordable with a direct payment option

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A social community platform to strengthen the bonds between its global members

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B2B Wholesale Online Auction Platform for a large US warehouses firm

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Briskon offers vendor-agnostic professional and re-engineering services so you can rely on a single team of experts to handle the following activities on an on-going basis

  • Implementation and customization
  • Migration and integration of diverse applications
  • Solutions enhancement
  • Re-engineering and reverse engineering
  • Application support and maintenance

We help you achieve through what you have been used to. Partner with Briskon for re-engineering and maintenance of your software and applications.

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