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End-to-end solution development

Team Briskon uses a time-tested and proven agile approach to deliver any project. We at Briskon offer to our customers the following delivery engagement models. All these models ensures customer’s delight since we evolve a solution with a constant involvement of team Briskon and client throughout the development lifecycle.

Offshore Model

The entire project execution starting from conceptualisation, delivery, maintenance and support is done on Briskon’s premises. Using the agile development methodology, we keep out Customers fully involved in each and every stage of the project.

The offshore custom software engineering team in this model, utilises the rich libraries which are been built as components over a period of time to accelerate the development of a project.

Food Delivery custom software Application development

Food Delivery App made Restaurants affordable with a direct payment option

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Learn with Fun; Game based logic building for a Finnish startup

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B2B Wholesale Online Auction Platform for a large US warehouses firm

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Food Delivery custom software Application development

End-to-end complete learning management system for a Netherlands startup

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Customized Customer Relationship Management for a reputed Financial Company

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A social community platform to strengthen the bonds between its global members

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Apart from offshore software development model, we offer below models too

  • Onsite Model
  • Offshore Development Centre (ODC)
  • Open Development Model

Onsite Model

In this model, the project is carried out on the customer’s site. We at Briskon, has a rich pool of Open Source and Microsoft Technology professionals and is able to provide highly qualified staff to customer’s location.

The model is recommended for customers that have dynamic project development requirements. The Onsite development group has the ability to execute the entire development process right from requirement analysis, technology selection, software design and architecture, development, testing , maintaining and providing support services. The team includes architects, developers, testers and quality assurance and a project manager. The team is allocated to the client for a specific period or as per the requirements of the project.

Offshore Development Centre (ODC)

In this model, Briskon creates a dedicated team which is selected by customer (through interviewing process). This allows the customer to have a extension of their in-house development team utilising the highly scalable and state of art infrastructure of Briskon. ScienceSoft forms a dedicated team of software specialists which are pre-selected by the customer.

The project management can be either onsite or offshore. In both cases the Customer has a full control over the software development lifecycle and the entire team adopts the customer’s practices and methodologies.

Open Development Model

In this model, We at Briskon adopt to the development processes as defined by the customer in the offshore model. Being a agile and flexible team we execute the delivery as per the quality process guidelines of the customers. We study the processes and incorporate the same within any of the above defined models for ensuring on-time quality delivery.

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