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Internet revolution has impacted the lives of all. Exponentially ever-growing consumption of internet witnesses the overall growth of one’s knowledge. Social medias have touched the lives of all age group. People are thrilled to know other’s opinions on different subjects. On an average 40% of the time spent on internet is on Social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Marketing on these platforms is undoubtedly a quick and sharp way to reach to target audience.

There are two ways to promote your business on social media

  • Have a business page on social media and continuously update your fans with free postings. This requires development of fans for your business.
  • Advertise of the social media platforms and reach a desired audience base.
Briskon helps you create, maintain and promote your content on social media. Based on the digital marketing objectives, we develop social media marketing strategy.

Briskon’s Social Media Marketing (SMM) team is comprise of digital marketing experts, creative designers, content writes, analysts and quality experts. We provide below services to our clients

  • Develop social media marketing startegy
  • Marketing automation
  • Business page creation, maintenance and promotion
  • Landing page creation
  • Lead generation
  • Increase Page Views and fans
  • Advertise on Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter
  • Optimize spend verses RoI
  • Social games developmnet

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