Working Together to Get IT Performing

The Client

Our client is one of the USA-based quality and safety management compliance software providers who has been instrumental in transforming businesses with a next-generation AI-powered product, quality, and safety management platform, built on Salesforce.

Business Situation

Our client had a static website and they wanted us to maintain the same with day-to-day regular updates. Their current website was only informative, not scalable, and not generating any leads. Our client needed a redesign and explored our digital marketing capabilities. In the new design, they wanted us to implement company branding and lead generation capabilities.

The Challenges

The current website was recently designed by a local company, and our client was not willing to redesign it so quickly. Furthermore, there was no SEO/SEM done earlier. The domain authority of the website was just 12, which is very low. There were no proper brand guidelines and directions for using colours and logo. The copy of the website was written by SMEs, which was not supposed to be changed at all.

The Solution

Briskon performed a rigorous analysis of the client’s competitors and target audience. Based on this, we suggested a complete revamp of the website with a Content Management System. A brand guideline was made by including some more vibrant colours suitable for target customers. The main objective of the new website was not only to enhance the brand but also to be a performing lead generation asset. Initially, we suggested a list of 50 keywords to start SEO.

Later, we onboarded PPC for quicker results. We leveraged social media with paid advertisements too. Briskon also supported our client in unifying the designs for print media such as event banners etc. We drafted many formats for other online assets.

We strategically implemented below services
  • A brand new WordPress-based website for easy maintenance
  • Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Serach Engine Marketing (SEM) 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Design Landing Pages
  • New SEO content suggestions and implementation in design
  • Creating Brand Guidelines 
  • Designs for marketing materials like event banners, PPTs, flyers, brochures, etc. 
  • Designs for digital assets like case studies, editable checklists, whitepapers, etc.
  • Hosting recommendation
  • Online Chat integration
  • Compelte website maintenance
  • Salesforce / Pardot forms implementation

The Benefits

  • Monthly search visits increased from 450 to 25,000+
  • Monthly SEO leads increased from 2 to an average of 100+
  • Monthly SEM lead being generated around 50+
  • Alexa rankings increased from 18,00,000+ to 54,000
  • Monthly average visitors increased from 1510 to 35,000+
  • Number of pages increased from 90 to 1,100+
  • Attracted one of the top US investors for $36M investment
  • Current SERP 700+ keywords on Page 1 of Google - USA

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