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Digital Marketing services for result-centric businesses

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Digital Marketing services for result-centric businesses

Briskon’s digital marketing services are purely result-driven and aimed at promoting brands, products, or services, using various digital channels and platforms. We help our clients achieve their marketing objectives with our strategy-focused services like SEO, PPC, content, video, social media, email, and affiliate marketing.

Leverage digital marketing services in the digital world

Briskon is a full-service digital marketing agency consistently leading by results. Our voyage of over one and a half decades amidst the nuanced ballet of digital marketing has blessed us with priceless knowledge and perspectives. We’ve witnessed traditional methods dissolve, only to re-emerge as agile, innovative strategies. The digital realm’s transformation from a novelty to an essential element is evident. Amid these evolving dynamics, Briskon has consistently served as a beacon, steering brands through calm and storm alike.

Being a versatile and industry-agnostic company, we help you with our digital marketing services, spanning from website design to performance marketing and eventually marketing qualified lead generation. We don’t rely on templates but provide you with a tailor-made digital marketing strategy to navigate your digital marketing journey. Our digital marketing solutions are purely scalable and grow with your ROI.

Unlike other agencies, we understand your growth plan in detail to provide you with the right solution and strategy to eliminate stubborn challenges. We provide an efficient digital marketing mix to maximize your return on investment and minimize your marketing expenses.

Our digital marketing specialists are hand-picked from the industry and trained rigorously through all phases of digital marketing. They understand strategy, campaigns, landing pages, traffic management, investment minimization, ROI maximization, performance management, etc.

Enter Briskon, right into the limelight. We perceive ourselves not just as service providers but as marketing leaders. Consider us your co-authors, aiding in scripting your distinct story in the extensive volume of digital progress. As we journey through the digital domain’s expansive terrains, we highlight potential pitfalls, spotlight promising opportunities, and chart paths to visions yet to be conceptualized.

Seamless navigation, real-time customer engagement across all channels and rewards mechanism will keep you alive on the internet. In real sense digital marketing starts here on the internet.

Digital Marketing Solutions
  • How to promote your brand?
  • How to reach a larger section of target audience beyond geography?
  • What your customer has to say?
  • How to connect with your customers?
  • How to keep track of your ROI?
  • How to monitor the market fluctuation?

Our Approach to Digital Marketing Services

Each brand has its own story, replete with engaging twists, compelling protagonists, and deep-seated themes. At Briskon, we don’t merely observe from the sidelines; we dive deep into these tales. By grasping each subtle detail, we strive to amplify this narrative to a global audience, making sure it doesn’t just reach them but deeply resonates, creating a lasting impression.

The realm of digital marketing is as expansive as it is detailed. How do we navigate it? Imagine crafting a masterpiece, with every component meticulously intertwined. Through optimizing the customer experience across different media mix platforms, from highlighting your brand using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to building genuine bonds through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Social Media Marketing, we aim to foster a lively exchange. It’s more than a simple monologue; it’s a vibrant town square discussion.

Central to our philosophy is an unwavering respect for the consumer. In the noisy backdrop of the digital marketplace, we prioritize a comprehensive, Omni-Channel strategy, solving specific digital marketing challenges along the way. The ultimate aim? To guarantee that wherever and however your audience interacts with your brand, they are treated to a consistently enchanting experience. Using our bionic approach, our lofty yet straightforward aspiration is to transform brief online interactions into lasting memories. We envision a world where your viewers don’t just scroll past but pause, engage, and most importantly, treasure the journey. As we integrate the new growth model, we’re not just targeting short-term engagement; we’re curating long-term admiration.

Digital Marketing Services Approach

Briskon’s Digital Marketing Services

At Briskon, we’ve always had a deep-rooted connection with the digital realm. It’s not just something we ‘do’; it’s a world we truly understand and are passionate about. Every single service we offer has been thoughtfully curated, born from a desire to see brands not just exist but thrive and lead in the digital expanse. Here’s a walkthrough of what we bring to the table:

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

The vast expanse of the digital world can be overwhelming. However, with Briskon by your side, navigating this world becomes a breeze. Our SEO services aren’t just about keywords; it’s about weaving your brand’s story into the very fabric of the web. By combining the meticulousness of technical experts with the creativity of seasoned marketers, we’ve been achieving top rankings for brands for over 18 years. The formula to our success? It’s a delicate balance between deep market insights and the latest technology that positions brands at the forefront.

PPC Search Marketing

Every brand desires to be seen and heard, and our Pay-Per-Click services ensure your brand shines brightest. At Briskon, we guarantee that each penny you invest works to its fullest potential, pushing your brand to the very top. Our method blends the natural benefits of SEO with the magnified visibility of SEM. Years of experience have honed our skills, allowing us to optimize campaigns for both maximum visibility and return. We cover everything, from crafting irresistible ads to dissecting analytics.

Social Media Optimization & Marketing

Today’s world revolves around connections and conversations. At Briskon, we ensure that brands don’t just join these conversations but lead them. Our strategy focuses on both organic engagement and strategic advertising. Our team, a mix of digital experts, talented designers, sharp writers, and analytical minds, work in harmony to craft compelling narratives. Every campaign we create is laser-focused on getting the maximum return on your investment.

Content & Video Marketing

Content is so much more than words; it’s the story, the experience. And at Briskon, we’re in the business of crafting content that truly resonates. We focus on addressing the genuine questions and concerns your audience might have, providing them with valuable insights. Whether it’s an in-depth blog post, a comprehensive whitepaper, a captivating video, or a revealing case study, we always aim to stand out and make a mark.

Affiliate Marketing

In today’s interconnected world, partnerships can elevate a brand to incredible heights. Our affiliate marketing services are designed to find the perfect partners for brands. Whether it’s a niche blogger or a top-tier website, our expansive network ensures your brand’s message is heard loud and clear. And we believe in complete transparency—our real-time tracking lets brands monitor every move, ensuring unparalleled results.

Email Marketing

Many might view email marketing as old-school, but we at Briskon have given it a fresh twist. Our custom campaigns cater to diverse needs, from succinct newsletters to comprehensive mass mailing initiatives. But we don’t just send emails—we send experiences. Supported by a robust analytics system, each email is not only meant to engage but also to inform future strategies, creating a continuous loop of enhancement and refinement.

How to choose the right Digital Marketing Agency

In the vast and ever-growing world of the digital landscape, opportunities seem to spring up like wildflowers. Just to give you a perspective: by the time 2021 rolled around, close to 5 billion people were surfing, exploring, and diving deep into the web’s endless caverns. Every click, every search, every moment spent scrolling paints a picture of endless potential — potential customers, potential partners, potential fans. It’s a boundless arena for businesses to strut their stuff and make an indelible mark. 

So, why should modern businesses favor digital marketing over the time-tested classics like TV and radio? The answer is simple, and it’s in the figures and sheer common sense. Digital marketing isn’t just a hollow promise of “more for less.” It genuinely delivers on that promise. Think about this: spending a whopping 61% less but still managing to entice a potential customer. That’s not just smart; that’s the sheer brilliance and value proposition of going digital. 

Picture having a crystal lens that gives you a front-row seat to the results of your every marketing move, as it unfolds. Innovations like Google Analytics have revolutionized the marketing world, providing sharp insights into how campaigns fare. And guess what? Nearly half of all marketers are taking full advantage of this real-time feedback, tweaking and adjusting their plans mid-flight to ensure they remain top contenders. 

However, if you’re thinking digital marketing is all about algorithms and analytics, think again. At its very heart, it thrives on genuine human relationships. Today’s digital platforms have blessed businesses with the magic wand to craft messages that resonate deeply with individual tastes and behaviors. Take, for instance, those personalized emails that grace your inbox. Would you believe that just a small personal touch to the subject line can ramp up open rates by a staggering 50%? Now, that’s pure enchantment!

When the moment comes to select that perfect digital marketing agency, you might be pondering, “What are the real deal-breakers here?” History, as they say, can be a great teacher. An agency’s past victories and occasional hiccups can reveal a lot about its capabilities and work ethic. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a solid three out of every four decision-makers sneak a peek into an agency’s history book before entrusting them with their future. 

The world of digital is akin to a vibrant, bustling metropolis — always on the move, always changing. While it’s tempting to believe every agency is surfing the top of the latest digital trends, the reality is somewhat different. Only 18% of businesses genuinely feel their marketing ally is keeping pace with the ever-evolving digital scene. 

But what really stands behind a trailblazing agency? A band of digital maestros: the SEO aficionados, the masterful writers, the enchanting storytellers, and so many more. Their combined knowledge and passion craft the success story of an agency. It’s quite heartening to note that over half of businesses are sharp observers, considering such prowess as the determining factor in their agency choice. 

However, amidst all the strategies and success stories, trust is the cornerstone of any business relationship. Open, transparent communication is the bedrock on which thriving partnerships are built. Hence, it’s hardly surprising that any whiff of mistrust or a shroud of secrecy has led a good chunk, about one-third, of businesses to sever ties and bid adieu to their previously chosen agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I measure the success of my digital marketing campaigns?

To truly grasp the success of your digital marketing endeavors, you have to look beyond mere metrics and dive deep into the stories they narrate. While many technical jargons may float around, there are a handful that are absolutely pivotal:

  • Website Traffic: It’s not just about numbers. With powerful tools, say, Google Analytics, you can get insights into how visitors move around, how long they linger, and much more.
  • Conversion Rate: It goes beyond basic stats, indicating how adeptly your content or tactics motivate visitors to engage, be it subscribing to newsletters or finalizing a purchase.
  • ROI: This is the hallmark of digital marketing, succinctly indicating if the money and time you’re pouring into your campaign are truly bearing fruit.
  • CAC & CLV: These metrics shed light on the cost to acquire a customer and the prospective revenue they bring over time. Periodically reviewing these can sharpen your approach, ensuring you’re on the best trajectory.

What is the role of data analytics in digital marketing?

Data analytics is like your guiding star in the vast digital expanse. Harnessing this data, you’re empowered to decode the intricate patterns of customer behaviors and desires. Additionally, you can tailor your marketing strategies so they resonate powerfully with your audience. Furthermore, this enables you to execute A/B tests to understand what clicks with your audience, and keep a keen eye on how your campaigns are progressing in real-time.

Lastly, it gives you the wisdom from past campaigns to sculpt future strategies more effectively.

What is the role of data analytics in digital marketing?

Social media is where brands breathe and blossom.

  • Brand Awareness: It’s akin to forging new relationships and sharing your brand’s story.
  • Engagement: It’s not merely about racking up likes and shares but initiating meaningful dialogues with customers.
  • Lead Generation: With strategic tactics, you can metamorphose casual onlookers into avid buyers.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: It allows for impactful outreach without burning a hole in your pocket, zoning in on those who truly align with your brand.
  • Feedback Loop: Authentic interactions lead to genuine feedback, which can be a goldmine of insights.

Why is Content Marketing Valuable?

Content marketing isn’t just crafting words or shooting videos; it’s about cultivating deep-rooted relationships. Your brand becomes more than a mere business. Through compelling content, it evolves into a guide, a storyteller, or a confidante. Crave organic traffic? SEO-rich content positions your brand as the go-to hub rather than a fleeting point of interest. Truly captivating content is not just consumed; it’s amplified, debated, and cherished. Premium content seamlessly gels with other marketing avenues, creating a cohesive brand voice across the board.

How to determine the target audience for digital marketing campaigns?

Identifying your prime audience blends methodical investigation with gut instinct.

  • Scrutinize data from your current customers. There are tales there, ripe for interpretation.
  • Get upfront. Engage your clientele with surveys to get a clear picture of their leanings and necessities. The straightforward route sometimes holds the answers.
  • Stay attuned to market dynamics. Acquaint yourself with evolving trends and shifting paradigms.
  • Craft detailed personas, painting a vivid picture of your prospective customers, detailing their goals, challenges, and daily rituals.
  • Also, it’s wise to monitor your rivals. The crowd they’re catering to today might be the audience you’d want to engage tomorrow.

How to stay updated on industry trends and algorithm changes in digital marketing platforms?

To clinch the lead in the digital realm, nurturing your expertise is essential.

Handpick a set of blogs and websites that you frequent for your daily intel on the industry.

Network with industry vanguards at conferences and online sessions.

Engage in hearty discussions with contemporaries. Often, casual conversations hide the most profound insights.

Enroll in online courses that emphasize upcoming tools and methodologies.

Always be in the loop about official updates from platforms. Think of them as essential rule tweaks in a dynamic game, ensuring you’re always on point.