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Intelligent Solutions for Decision Management

Businesses are surrounded by risks and dilemmas. Despite of available data companies incur a huge opportunity cost if the data are not helpful in decision management. One of the chief reasons of this failure is the rules associated to retrieve data generated by different sources. This is where Business Intelligence (BI) comes into the picture to help organizations in making the focused decisions as and when required.

With extensive years of experience, Briskon offers business intelligence services followed by analytics to find patterns across multiple data sets to improve decision making and process automation. Briskon helps in implementing new enterprise level BI strategy or reviewing & improving existing BI by architecting a comprehensive BI system.

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B2B Wholesale Online Auction Platform for a large US warehouses firm

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Briskon offers the following analytics solutions

  • Customer Analytics
  • Sales & Pricing Analytics
  • Risk Analytics
  • Financial Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Political Analytics
  • SCM Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics

Briskon has expertise in serving many domains. Domains currently we are serving are

  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • BFSI
  • Education
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