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Your Personal INTERNET

The internet owes its popularity to its ability to enable people to freely and instantly share information with each other. Just as how the internet has brought people across geographies closer than ever before, companies are now looking to bring their employees, stakeholders, and even their customers together using their own "private internet" the intranet.

Briskon is one of the very fast growing Intranet companies with its proprietary Intranet framework. Today Our framework has been used developing custom intranet for many professional companies across globe. We keep Deep Employee Engagement as one of the prime concerns with all the intranet development assignments.

Briskon offers to develop custom intranet platforms that enable

  • Collaboration among peers and stakeholders within the organization irrespective of their geographical locations
  • Free and quick exchange of ideas, opinions, and knowledge
  • Documentation of knowledge using less formal channels to develop a rich knowledge bank
  • Open and transparent communication between employees and the management
  • Establishment of strong corporate culture and value system
  • Social Media Applications
  • Custom Web Applications

Our intranet solutions are built to support the following features

  • Personalization
  • Content localization
  • Access control
  • Search
  • Knowledge bank
  • History and versioning
  • Personal Blog
  • Reporting hierarchy, and more
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