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Apps for iPhone, iPad and iWatch

We are the best iOS app development company with development centre in Bangalore, India and also provide best offshore development services to create stunning iOS apps for you.

Ease of consumption of application through hand held devices is ever growing. Briskon iOS development team conceptualises and creates apps that can be used across iPhones, iPads and Iwatch. Being client-centric, agile and with a decade of experience in software development, we work with you to understand your business processes, needs and develop an iOS app. We at Briskon have a strong team of Apple coders who work on Objective-C and Swift and have an expertise with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch Framework.

Technology Stack

Behind every successful app is the selection of appropriate technology which goes behind developing it. Depending upon your requirement our experienced technical architect decide at adoption of the right technology for you.

The experienced , dedicated and agile iOS development team works with following technology stack:

  • Xcode - Editor
  • Swift - Language
  • SQLite - Database
  • Alamofire - Networking
  • XMPP CHAT - Smack LIB
  • Cocoa pods - Social Framework
  • Aviary SDK -Image Editing
  • Fabric - Crash reporting system

We follow strict agile methodology with a customer-centric approach in each of the following stages of mobile solution/application development.

Project Planning and Architecture Phase:

  • Requirement analysis and Process flow
  • Define requirements and functionality
  • Prepare business case or documentation and technology strategy
  • Setting deadlines for deliverables, allocating budget
  • Assigning project management responsibilities

Conceptual Design Phase:

  • Create UI designs and composition
  • Design app interface (sketching, Prototypes, wireframes , mockups)
  • Design brand identities like style, colour scheme, typography, images, logos
  • Designed review by customer

App Development Phase:

  • Review development kit
  • Translate technical specification into functional specification
  • Build infrastructure
  • Conduct alpha and beta testing
  • Provide beta testing reviews

Certify Phase:

  • Usability and acceptance testing
  • Device testing
  • Integration testing
  • Graphics, sound and text testing
  • Test coded app for ease of use
  • Ready for final release

Release and Maintenance Phase:

  • Deploy an app requires plan, schedule and control of the movement of releases
  • Ensure the integrity of the live environment and minimize installation time
  • Submit mobile app
  • Get approval from app store
  • Mobile app release
  • Review business aspects
  • Maintenance for platform updates, new features and functionality
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