Android App Development Services

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Briskon delivers an easy-to-use Android mobile application across your smartphones or tablet PCs running on an Android OS. As an Android app development company, we cover the whole lifecycle of developing a product and provide cost-effective, on-time delivery.

On-demand Android mobile app development by solving complex application challenges

Briskon works with you on your Android mobile app from ideation to marketing. We also convert your existing web application to an Android mobile app.

As an Android mobile app development company, we also help you in optimizing performance of an existing Android mobile app. We factor in various parameters like portability, accessibility, ease of use and so on of your existing Android mobile app to make it market-ready.

Briskon’s mobility services integrate with business processes to deliver engaging, easy-to-use mobile solutions. Our designs are device and technology independent, so your users can stay connected on any device. Our mobility services can help you maintain a mobile enterprise presence that drives your organization’s growth.

Types of Android Mobile Applications

Android mobile apps – from inception to customization

Based on the idea, concept and need we can develop the following types of apps:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Multimedia apps
  • Web Apps
  • Android SDK Apps
  • Custom Android Apps
  • Porting of legacy apps to Android

Our Business Engagement Model and Technology Base

We, at Briskon, understand from our many years of experience that successful execution of an Android mobile app development strategy roadmap involves:

  • Deep understanding of business and technology in the Android mobile app development process
  • Detailed and thorough planning before execution
  • Identification of the ideal intersection of people and technology in the Android mobile app development domain
  • The right level of customization to balance scalability with ease-of-use
  • Continuous testing in parallel with android mobile app development activities to identify gaps early on and ensure timely delivery of a high-quality Android mobile app.
  • Strong migration and post-implementation support

We have strong business processes in place to assist you in organizing your ideas and coming up with an Android mobile app that is unique and meets your requirements.

We follow the agile methodology to meet the business goals and manage the Android mobile app development process.

Types of Industries or Verticals

  • Education
  • Social Network
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • IT

Product Development Lifecycle

We provide our services at any point in the Android mobile app development lifecycle, or we design and deliver an app from scratch based on your requirements.


Our Android mobile app technology and ideation experts will work with you to convert your brimming ideas to a viable plan for design and development of an Android mobile app.

Our in-house Android mobile app development consultants have the depth and breadth of experience to release products in the Android space

As an Android mobile app development company, we will conduct concrete and detailed sessions to improvise upon your original intent and transform your suggestions to the best-in-market Android mobile app solution.

We create a unique Android mobile app based on in-depth market research and analysis.

UI Design, Wireframes and Design Documents

We collaborate with you in your journey of creating a successful app right from the storyboarding and UI design phase. We do the following:

  • Create usecases and storyboards about how the app will be used and applied.
  • Create wireframes of the User Interface of your app.
  • Analyse gaps in the design and make corrections.
  • Create Business Process documents with detailed procedures and steps at every step of your app.
  • Create functional, implementation and deployment strategies so that the user can easily administer the product.


Native or cross-platform Android mobile app development… We can code and deliver on-time

If the concept, design and UI specifications are ready, we can kickstart the development phase. Based on your requirements, we have different development and coding paths available:

We can use any of the following approaches to create mobile Android mobile apps:

Native Android app development:

Native Android mobile apps are specific to the Android platform and are created with the frameworks, tools and language that the Android platform supports. For example, Android studio, Google Material and Java. Native apps look and perform the best due to adequate access to device’s hardware.
We recommend you to opt for native Android mobile app development for high performance and good user experience for a niche product in the Android mobile app domain.

Hybrid android app development:

Hybrid Android mobile apps are developed using the standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and React Native. The final code is wrapped in a native Android container and published as a regular app.

If you are looking for a quick Android mobile app development solution available across multiple platforms like Android and iOS, we recommend you work with our Hybrid app development process. Leverage our expertise in creating quick UIs and creating wrappers for the various platforms.

Testing, Deployment and Help Documentation

We have many man-years of experience in independent mobile app testing which can be put to good use for testing your app that we build. We do User Acceptance Testing, beta testing, performance testing and follow complex test methodologies to ensure a strong and stable product.

We understand that your app users may have different skill sets and a dissimilar speed of learning. We can design help and tutorials to help users with the product. They can learn and troubleshoot at their pace using our help systems. Administrators and support can also leverage the help to set up the product correctly.

We can launch the app in the respective app stores and start marketing campaigns and activities to promote your product in the online space.

Reach us for your application developments in the Android mobile app development space.