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Innovative, Collaborative and Constructive Thought Process

Every product in the market needs transformation to add value to the business. Product needs enhancement to sustain in the industry as per market needs. The best product must be enhanced to better product to increase the life span of project.

Briskon analyses your product according to market value and design a transformation strategy to give an enhanced look and feel to the product to sustain in the market. Following transformations are typically suggested to our customers to match up with the modernisation needs of their software products

  • Technology Upgrade
  • Application Modernization
  • Cloud Transformation
  • Digital process conversions

The approach followed by product transformation team comprises of the following steps:

  • Strategy Definitions / Goal Setting : We collaborate with our customers to evaluate the product, market and the business cases. This leads to development of a product transformation roadmap.
  • Delivery: We design, architect and execute the transformation using best program management practises.
  • Monitor and Maintain: Post execution of the transformation, we collect and analyse data for proactive maintenance.

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At Briskon, we also offer customised services through product transformation teams, few of them being:

  • Platform migration
  • API Transformations
  • Data migration
  • Data consolidation
  • UI/UX transformations
  • Device portability and form factor related transformations
  • Technology Adoption
  • Digital product reinvention

Briskon's Key differentiators are

  • Mature and Collaborative approach
  • Complete transparency of operations
  • Continuous alignment with customer’s goal and roadmap
  • Experience in working with multiple domains and industries
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