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While companies across industry verticals need to power their processes with technology, IT is not the core competence of most of them. It, therefore, does not always make business sense to set up and maintain a separate IT department to handle their IT requirements. While outsourcing offers a viable solution, companies often find themselves talking to independent software vendors who have little or no knowledge of their business, hence drastically reducing the chances of adding value to their businesses.

Briskon is a product development company which offers services to address this exact challenge. We understand that product development is as much about understanding your business as it is about understanding technology and being adept at programming. Our product development team, therefore, is a cohesive mix of highly experienced developers and industry experts who understand the way businesses work.

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In keeping with our "Briskon SDLC", we begin every product development cycle with a thorough analysis of your business domain and your specific requirements. This ensures that all our developments efforts are focused on adding value to your business and helping you realize maximum ROI without having to hassle yourself with the nitty-gritty of programming and development.

Our Product Development Approach

Team Briskon can handle various software development techniques (Agile, Lean, Waterfall, Scrum, etc.) and has experience in working with several open source and commercial platforms and technologies. This offers you the flexibility to choose the development model and technology platform of your choice so you have greater control over how the product shapes up and also reduce your reliance on us for training and maintenance.

We also understand the importance of testing and QA activities in turning our quality products and "getting it right the very first time". Hence, we undertake testing activities in parallel with development. Not only does that enable us to identify and fix bugs early on in the development cycle, but it also reduces your overall cost of product development.

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