Briskon Intranet for the Worldʼs Leading Voluntary Food Retail Chain

Modified on June 14th, 2024

The Client

An 89 year old company and one of the worldʼs largest retail chains with more than 2500 stores in 44 countries. Its India division has more than 1200 employees and 17 hypermarkets. One of the most rapidly growing companies with a commitment to always delivering farm-fresh products and groceries below retail price along with a great customer buying experience.

Business Situation

Our client has 17 stores across 9 cities in India. Their employees range from top management to floor-based sales personnel. It had become very difficult to engage the employees from the head office. For any kind of communication, the dependence was either via the phone or email. Handling the records of communication was a nightmare. They approached Briskon for a solution for better corporate communication and deeper employee engagement. They were in need of a centralized tool that could be managed from the head office and could record every bit of communication.

The Challenges

There was a local WordPress-based system listing all the important documents and policies. This system was only for the corporate office and was not able to track logins, share documents, manage data, manage applications, or manage other employee information. The existing system was merely a static website and was able to provide information solely to one office.

The Solution

The solution was built using Briskon’s Intranet framework, which governs many levels of users and its hierarchy, which makes it super easy for employees to login from any part of the world at any time. The system allowed employees to collaborate in real time. Employees were able to see the task, check attendance, apply for leave, check balance leave, see the holiday calendar, avail the help desk, engage online for appraisal, and many more.

Our framework provided a robust Employee Management System and acted as a must-have HR tool for the organization. The in-built time tracking system helped the company save time and engage employees tremendously.

As one of the most important facilities required for any organization is sharing documents; the company was empowered with the capability of sharing important policies, documents, knowledge, interests, news, and announcements in real time.

Important features captured with our solution are

  • Integrate system with Existing RAMCO ERP
  • Collaborate with all employees across supermarkets at different location
  • Create a new employee profile and enter theirpersonal information
  • Track and manage employee attendance time sheet & login time
  • Perform leave management system online
  • All employee details can be managed as active and inactive
  • Exit settlement, asset management and records
  • Reduces HR daily work, increases productivity, employee satisfaction, and a significant amount of cost saving
  • Update employees with human resource policies. news, events and announcements
  • Travel Desk
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Plan and reporting as per the reporting hierarchy
  • Create and update company holiday calendar, announce employee birthday greetings
  • Introduce & discuss new ideas, share views, documents & opinions through blog post


The company benefited by managing different levels of users with respect to their information and action effectively.
  • On a single click, employees get all the information regarding their responsibilities and plans
  • Employee can access all the information related to the company’s policies, knowledge management
  • Complete employee appraisal on time
  • Great collaboration among employees
  • Employee loyalty increased towards the company
  • Various Employee Connect Widgets, associated with the given intranet help all the employees to stay connected within the company by wishing anniversary wishes, sharing thoughts etc.
  • Performance management and asset management monitoring can be done between different levels of employees
  • User friendly blogging system to share employee thought within the company
  • HR can manage all the activities and monitor various employees’ performance using our advance intranet tools
  • New HR processes enforcement
  • Removal of printed Employee Handbook