Employee intranet portal for a global networking solutions company

Modified on July 8th, 2024

The client

One of the leaders in dis-aggregated networking solutions, a 17 year old business group headquartered in Santa Clara, California, currently present in 6 different countries. Our client is engaged with providing the best network OS for white box and network virtualization to more than 250 customers world-wide.

Business situation

Our client wanted us to implement an end-to-end optimum and cost-effective employee management system for their company where employees can apply for leave, can access all the information related to the company’s policies, and easily monitor and manage employees from different locations and clarify or complain issues related to HR. This system will help in supervising employees’ work report, appraisals, and productivity. The system should also be a time tracking system such that it can act as a most used asset, which saves both time and money.

The challenges

The existing system was not able to manage data, application, information, employees and HR related activities easily, because the system was not completely customizable and was not able to integrate with most other systems. This then did not allow employees to access any information from anywhere in the world at any given time.

The solution

The solution was built using Briskon’s Intranet framework which will make it easy to check and track the human resource activities in the department. It created a simplified system to easily monitor and manage employees from different locations. It also helps in supervising employees work reports and productivity, view, approve/decline employee leave requests, monitor employee log details etc.

Our framework provides a robust employee management system including a time tracking system that saves both time and money. The inbuilt appraisal system automates the process of employee appraisals on time, every time.

As one of the most important facilities required for any company is sharing of documents, they now will be able to share important policies, knowledge and interests.

Important features captured with our solutions are:

  • Create new employee profiles and enter company & personal information
  • Track and manage employee attendance time sheet & login time
  • Perform leave management system online
  • All employee details can be managed as active and inactive
  • Reduce HR daily work, increase productivity, employee satisfaction, and a significant amount of cost saving
  • Update employees with human resource policies
  • Notify employees with all the latest happenings in your organization
  • Share news & events and promotion/increment
  • Share photo gallery (of latest news, events, announcements) with employees
  • Create and update company holiday calendar, announce employee birthday’s greetings
  • Introduce & discuss new ideas, share views, documents & opinions through blog post
  • Audit trails

The benefits

The company benefited by managing different levels of users with respect to their information and action effectively.
  • On a single click, employees get all the information regarding their responsibilities and plans
  • Employee can access all the information related to the companies policies and knowledge management
  • Various employee connect widgets, associated with the given intranet, help all the employees to stay connected within the organization by wishing anniversary greetings, sharing thoughts etc.
  • Performance management and asset management monitoring can be done between different levels of employees
  • User friendly blogging system to share employee thoughts within the organization
  • HR can manage all the activities and monitor various employee performances using our advanced intranet tools