Enterprise Learning Management System for a Netherlands based medical education

Modified on November 23rd, 2023

The Client

One of the enthusiast startups from Amsterdam.

Business Situation

The client wanted to build a complete end-to-end Learning Management System which will allow medical professionals to earn accreditation online further enhancing paperless registration process. Client’s vision was to bring the different quarters of professional on a signal platform to achieve a smooth, stress-free, time saving and paperless continues education process.

The Challenges

Understanding all the processes related to various quarters and categories of professionals involved such that all the stakeholders are benefited. The system must serve the purpose of continual education not restricting any knowledge flow across the globe. The application must be robust and scalable both in terms of volume of users and volume of information handled. The system must cater for fluctuations in exchange rate.

The Solution

Briskon designed and developed a Learning Management System application clubbed with facility of printing certificates and e-commerce. The application can be scaled to large volume of users and content. We provided a window for monitoring users and content. A subscription model was introduced for different stake holders.

Key features captured with solution are:

  • Registrations for various stakeholders
  • Content uploading with necessary questionnaires
  • Track sales
  • Content purchase
  • Earn accreditation certificate
  • Print off the accreditation certificate or store it in the system by upgrading the membership
  • Maintain Wishlist, sponsorships, recommendations, and portfolios
  • Sponsor content and memberships
  • Contributing to online endorsements
  • Endorse a fellow stakeholder online
  • Track the progress of online continues education for your members
  • Providing online access to the registration process
  • Offline ticketing system
  • Monitoring stakeholders
  • Managing content

The Benefits

  • Professional Re-Registration process becomes online
  • Individual Profiling with credit management
  • Content is not restricted to any geographical location
  • New accreditations can be added any time
  • Learning via text, audio, and video
  • Sponsorships can be forwarded and can be ensured it’s not wasted
  • Endorsements become easy
  • Tracking the progress of associated member and send reminders
  • Saves time with paperless activities