Learn with Fun – Game based online education learning software for developing logical thinking and programming concepts among kids using Finnish education

Modified on November 23rd, 2023

The Client

Headquartered in Finland, our client is a Microsoft and Govt of Finland funded venture engaged in providing innovative education to students, interactive teacher training and value add solutions for the school management globally.

Business Situation

The client was looking for development of a cloud based product with mobile interfaces to connect students, teachers and parents

The Challenges

Schools continuously look for education innovations and best practices but not quickly ready to adapt The primary school students were missing tools to develop skill based learning (logical thinking , programming skills, linguistic excellence) at the optimal age. Teachers aspiring to close the gaps in training needed for imparting ICT skills Parents seeking solutions to train kids for much needed 21st century skills.

The Solution

Briskon designed and developed a multi-tenant software product that provides an innovative educational platform for schools, with separate management panels for administration, school, student and teacher. The research, development and piloting of this product was planned in two phases.The first phase focuses on improvements in the existing infrastructure based on the gathered customer feedback. Along with this, this phase also emphasizes on the migration to micro-service architecture for high scale deployment. The product is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure. The Cloud Native Application Architecture was studied, and the project migrated to make use of industry standard containerization and orchestration techniques. The front-end interface design was redesigned according to the Material Design specifications for consistent look and feel covering a wide variety of display form factors.

The second phase of the product development will focus on the integration of payment gateway technologies for secure and convenient collection of payments and for maintaining consistent transaction logs. Aspects such as technological reliability, security, financial feasibility and payment method coverage will be analyzed and studied in detail. Also, new games will be deployed, and existing games will be upgraded.

Minimum Viable Product

An MVP of product was created by the combination of web technologies such as HTML5, Unity3D backed by a cloud native application built with ASP.NET Core, IIS and Windows 10 software stack. The architecture and design were developed for the purposes of market study and gathering feedback from potential customers. The feedback gathered will be utilised in the Research, Development and Piloting phase of the project where the target is to improve user experience while giving due importance to security, reliability and scalability along with adding more interactive content. The ensuing upgraded product will be released after the first phase of thorough research, testing, development and piloting. The second phase of the project will have more interactive content along with integrated payment methods.