Membership based mobile apps for a community with social features

Modified on July 3rd, 2024

The client

An Indian-origin community spread worldwide that is economically well placed and with values; engaged in individual successful businesses.

Business situation

The client wanted to build an online platform which will connect all its global members and bring them under a single umbrella. Due to diminishing social lives and scattered presence, the community wanted to have all its members connected with each other. They conducted social gatherings and meetings, but were unable to communicate to all their members. Every year they used to publish a thick member directory with available details. The client approached Briskon to discuss the possibilities of solving the above issues using modern technologies.

The challenges

A new concept initiated by the customer who was having the following challenges
  • Conventional system of communication like print
  • A feeling of disconnect among the members, especially where the new generation was concerned
  • Lack of information about assets and members
  • No automation
  • Scattered members at different geographic locations
  • Erroneous time-consuming information

The solution

An online community portal was suggested by the Briskon team which tackled the above business challenges. Briskon used the concept to completion model clubbed with an agile methodology of development to come up with a brand-new social community platform.

The platform developed has the following features:

  • A sleek and simple user experience for its members and administrators.
  • Highly secured with proper authentications
  • Robust member search with autofill option
  • Inner circle to have a list of all near and dears within the community
  • Detailed profiling to add all its family members to form a family tree
  • Light weight mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Real time alerts and notifications
  • Easy navigation and user experience
  • Community hall booking
  • Usage tracking

The benefits

  • Developed apps have become a necessity for community members
  • Informed members
  • Complete employee appraisal on time
  • Sleek user-friendly website and mobile apps
  • 50% increment in user list within first 3 months of launching
  • Updated information of all its members
  • No more expenses in yearly directory printing