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System Integration & API Management

Enterprises which have started their digital transformation journey have realised that the APIs are the building blocks of this transformation. The process is not only about incremental improvement, but it evolves core businesses to meet the demands of being connected digitally. The transformations based on APIs provide highly stable, reliable and available data and connect this data to people, apps and devices.

Briskon’s Digital transformation services helps our customers solve this challenge of adopting new systems, integrations of various systems and providing a seamless on the move experience. During this transformation journey we utilize our expertise in integration and API management to deliver, secure and transform your solutions to a digital world.

Our Intergration and API Management service offerings include:

  • Integration strategies and architecture
  • API management strategies and architecture
  • Connectors/integrations between multiple SaaS applications/cloud
  • Cloud Integration
  • Mobility Enablement
  • Application Integrations, Management and Monitoring Solutions
  • Designing and building APIs
  • Implementing API portals

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