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Website Maintenance Services by Professionals

If website development requires a combination of creativity and business know-how, Website maintenance requires an even greater helping of the two. Team Briskon understands that regularly updating and enhancing a website requires discipline and a deep understanding of your business.

Briskon has extensive experience of designing and development of corporate to individual websites. Post launching your website, we maintain these websites with complete quality compliance.

Our Website maintenance services include the following:

  • Maintenance
  • Enhancements
  • Updating


  • Ensure that your website is up and running at any time and over any type of browser
  • Raise tickets with the hosting service provider (if not hosted with us) to quickly resolve issues / downtime
  • Re-engineer the site for new browsers / technology platforms. Manage the CMS running in the background, if any
  • Restyling of website from time to time to retain freshness. Optimize updates made to text and images.


  • Increase the number of pages to keep up with your growing business
  • Identify means to improve usability and overall user experience
  • Develop localized versions of the website to suit specific geographies / target audience
  • Add more elements of internet marketing to improve reach of the website.


  • Regularly feed new content to maintain freshness of the website
  • Develop tools to aggregate and publish content from other relevant sources
  • Recommend strategies to establish thought leadership through downloadable and blogs.
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