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Navigate your digital marketing with our professional digital marketing services to achieve your destination briskly. Partner Briskon as your digital marketing agency.

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Unleash the power of technology by leveraging our 18 years of digital transformation expertise with custom software development

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grow your business online

Neglecting online marketing costs a company a lot of customers. Having a website means nothing until you have a powerful strategy to leverage the internet to attract targeted clients or customers. Briskon assists you through your digital marketing journey from beginning to end. Partner with Briskon today to explore our range of digital marketing services like SEO, PPC, email, social media, mobile and affiliate marketing.

make your digital presence speak eloquently

Having a website that generates negligible or no business? Find the reasons with Briskon, and let us provide adequate solutions that will transform your online presence into a remarkable, performing asset. Utilize our rebranding, website redesigning, web maintenance, SEO, and digital asset design services to make a mark in the digital world.

transform digitally through software and mobile applications

Mold your idea into your desired shape using today’s cutting-edge technologies and our years of expertise in software applications and mobile app development. Whether you are a start-up or a full-scale company, we partner with you in your digital transformation journey. We help you with the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of online applications, software, SaaS, mobile apps, analytics and the cloud.

WHo We are?

About Briskon

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Established in 2005, Briskon has been driving the successful digital transformation of our customers by consistently delivering quality custom software applications, innovative mobile apps, result-oriented digital marketing and impressive website designs.

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Looking for a digital marketing agency that delivers? Briskon is the one for you.

Want to be digitally woke in the digital marketing world? Choose Briskon to be and create a difference by partnering with us for your digital marketing needs.

Search engine optimization - SEO

SEO has been striving for the past two decades and will still prevail for another to come. A Googler perceives organic results as more authentic than advertisements. Your chances of acquiring qualified leads are super high with SEO-driven web visibility if done strategically. Briskon does this for you.

PPC search marketing

For quicker achievement of marketing objectives, pay-per-click (PPC) or search engine marketing can act as a just-in-time strategy. PPC marketing’s effectiveness depends on its proper execution. It demands ROI-assuring expertise to roll out, supervise and manage your campaigns cost-effectively.

Social media optimization & marketing

Social media optimization assures your posts are persistently compelling, engaging and unique to the vast thriving community aka social media. At the same time, on social media, PPC-based paid lead generation is the quickest way to reach your target audience. Achieve these through our SMO and SMM services.

Content & video marketing

Your online content and assets should be persuasive to create a lasting effect in the minds of the audience. It must be consistent in tone and style so it resonates with your brand. Briskon helps you research, create and market compelling content in the form of web copy, case studies, white papers, blogs, articles, videos, data sheets, etc.

Web it up with the industry’s one of the best website developers

As your digital marketing partners, we aim to provide you with an impeccably untainted and flawless website that accurately reflects your company’s image.

WordPress website design & development

As a WordPress website designer and web developer, Briskon closely works with your marketing team to strategize, design and develop the website to exceed your target audience’s expectations. Explore our agile WordPress development services which have resulted in 300+ impressive, SEO-friendly, optimally optimized, easily manageable, scalable and blazing-fast websites for growing companies.

E-commerce website design

Take your business where your customers are – online! Only a well-strategized e-commerce website will result in sales. We design and develop customised e-commerce websites using both our proprietary framework and readily available frameworks such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magneto, etc.

Website maintenance services

An abandoned website is impudent towards both customers and owners. Your website needs to be continuously maintained in terms of updates regarding products, services, and online resources like blogs, whitepapers, case studies, news, events, etc. We provide professional website maintenance services to our clients and keep their online presence lively and updated.

Dedicated development team

Want to hire our website development team for your project? We assign an extremely skilled, dedicated team of web designers, business analysts, web developers, quality testers, SEO specialists and project managers. Explore the ways we can be part of your web development journey.

UX/UI design

The success of your website, mobile apps and software products largely depends on UI and UX. Deciding what goes on each screen demands great intellect and judgment. Our business analysts do the job for you in the most brilliant way possible. Our UX designers and developers make the user experience interesting and mesmerising.

Develop your one-of-a-kind software with us here at Briskon

Discover, design, and develop software that will make a difference. Partner with us to make a difference in the digital transformation world.

Custom software development

Express your idea and let us transform it into reality through our customized software development services. Our agile software development services range from interactive design, development, testing, release, deployment and maintenance of your software applications. Utilize our 18+ years of experience and get your high-quality, high-performing custom solutions or products rolling in weeks.

Cloud application development

Unlock the power of the cloud with our cutting-edge, cloud-based development services. Through the latest technologies and platforms, our expert team of cloud architects and developers, designs and deploys scalable, highly available and secure cloud solutions customized to your business requirements. From cloud-native application development to migrating existing systems to the cloud, we optimize performance, reduce costs and enhance agility.

Application maintenance and support

Experience an uninterrupted performance of your critical business applications with our comprehensive application maintenance and support service. Our skilled team of support engineers is dedicated to monitoring, managing, and enhancing your applications throughout the life cycle of your software. Through proactive monitoring, regular updates, and rigorous bug fixing, we ensure optimal performance, security, and reliability of your software applications and products.

Online auction software

Experience next-generation online auctions with our cutting-edge online e-auction software. Built with advanced features and functionalities, our software revolutionizes the auction experience by offering a seamless platform for buyers and sellers to connect, bid and transact. Our solution provides a secure and scalable infrastructure, real-time bidding capabilities, robust inventory management and comprehensive reporting tools.

Intranet software

Unleash the power of seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing within your organization with our state-of-the-art intranet software framework. Designed to enhance internal communication and productivity, our feature-rich solution offers a secure and centralized platform for employees to access essential resources, documents and applications such that they can collaborate with their teams and work smarter and faster.

Learning management system (LMS)

Revolutionize your learning experience with our game-changing B2C Learning Management Solution (LMS). With a user-friendly interface, a course catalog, and interactive multimedia support, our LMS provides you with an engaging and flexible learning environment that is accessible on any device. Track your progress, earn certificates, and connect with a community of learners, all while enjoying the convenience of self-paced learning.

Make your own real estate in the palm of your users

Keep your mobile app users intrigued by the experience of using the app created with diligent dedication at Briskon.

iOS app development

Our team of native iOS app developers specializes in assisting businesses in finding solutions to critical business problems with iOS mobile apps. Using the Swift programming language or Objective-C, we design and develop iOS apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Android app development

Our Android app development services utilize cutting-edge tools like Android Studio and Kotlin to craft high-performance applications. We specialize in crafting bespoke apps by harnessing the full potential of the Android platform, including native features and APIs. This enables elevation of brand engagement, boosts customer retention and drives your marketing efforts to new heights.

Cross-platform app development

Use the power of cross-platform app development to reach a wider audience and reduce development costs. Our expertise in frameworks like React Native and Flutter enables us to create high-performance cross-platform apps that seamlessly run on multiple platforms like iOS, Android and Windows.

Hybrid app development

Embrace the versatility of hybrid app development for a cost-effective, multi-platform solution. Our expertise in frameworks like Ionic and Xamarin enables us to deliver powerful hybrid apps with native-like performance and UI. Explore our hybrid app development services which maximize code reusability, reduce development time, and reach a wider audience.

Why Briskon as your preferred digital marketing agency and software development partner?

Simple – our 18 years of experience, one of the best talent pools and partnering attitude ‘to do whatever it takes to make you succeed’

Briskon is a one-stop solution for all your digital needs in digital marketing, software development, mobile app design & development and complete web solutions. We are passionate about everything we do. Though small, our talent pool stands out in the industry for its expertise and diligence. PAAT (Passionate, Authentic, Agile, Transparent) has been our guiding principle for success. Our highly dedicated teams have been up-to-date with the latest technologies, trends and processes. We believe in adding value to all our projects. Our clients are delighted with our ‘promise less, deliver more’ attitude.

At Briskon, we are

  • Passionate about what we do
  • Authentic with skill and techniques
  • Agile with client-centric problem solving
  • Transparent and honest with what we do

Success stories

  • Digital marketing

A next-generation quality and safety management software company climbs the sales ladder rapidly

  • Digital marketing

A construction company soars high with leads for their new project

  • Software development

Briskon intranet for the world’s leading voluntary food retail chain

  • Software development

B2B wholesale online auction platform and distribution system for a large US warehouse firm

  • Mobile app development

Food delivery apps made affordable for restaurants with a direct payment option

  • Software development

Enterprise learning management system (LMS) for a Netherlands-based medical education startup

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