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Briskon - Software, Mobile Apps Development and digital marketing Company from Bangalore, India & USA

Established in 2005, Briskon is a custom software development, digital transformation, mobile apps design and development, digital marketing and web solutions company. Headquartered in Bangalore, India Briskon is present in Dallas Texas, USA. We have been driving successful digital transformation of our customers by consistently delivering quality custom software applications, innovative mobile apps, result oriented digital marketing and impressive website designs.



Briskon offers expert software development services, IT consulting services, mobile apps development services, digital marketing services and web solutions to enable you to chart out and execute an efficient IT and online marketing strategy roadmap that is in line with your specific industry and business goals.

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Google Chrome cookies update

6th Aug, 2022

Let’s first discuss the definition and purposes of cookies. In order to make internet business transactions more frictionless, Lou Montulli of Netscape Communications developed Cookie..

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Where Subscription model leads you in shared world

26th May, 2019

Transformation in IT industry is something constantly evolves. It may be in the form of rapidly improving hardware or upgrading softwares. In any case, a company has to change to remain be competitive. ...

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Digital Marketing – you can’t bypass it in your marketing budget

26th Apr, 2019

If you are looking forward to take your business to the next level through an effective marketing campaign, you need to pay special attention towards digital marketing. Digital marketing is expected to surpass...

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