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Online Auction Software & Framework

e-Auction is the next big wave for online stores. Take advantage of being the first to set an auction for your products.

E-auctions are here to stay as an online digital channel to conduct or participate in the auction process. The key to a successful e-auction process is to integrate and subsume all the users, rules and procedures of an e-auction within a single seamless framework.

The e-Auction Journey – from bid to purchase

Using Briskon’s online auction software, sellers must be able to upload, modify and upgrade their products effortlessly. They should be able to retrieve buyer details quickly to send samples of their products. Buyers must be able to search for and access product pricing details and request for samples. Both the sellers and buyers must be able to converse on a seamless platform that enables them to conduct an e-auction with success.

Briskon’s e-auction framework works its way through the entire e-auction process and charts out a customizable pathway that could be enable auctioneers to come online and be part of the online e-auction experience. We designed an innovative, customizable e-auction strategy to build in analytics and automation in our online auction software. This helps you navigate through all the touch points of the e-auction process.

The e-Auction Framework

Briskon’s e-auction framework is an intuitive, easy-to-use yet advanced online auction software framework for electronic auctions in the online marketplace. For example, if you want to get the best bid for the products online, use Briskon’s e-auction framework to create an exclusive e-auction experience with your bidders. Some of the customized e-auction platforms can be for charity auctions, lot sales auctions, retail auctions and many more.

Our e-Auction framework is a state-of-the-art implementation of an e-auction service. Briskon’s online auction software has the modules in place for:

  • Reverse Auction
  • Forward Auction
  • Silent Auction
  • Penny Auction
Briskon’s e-auction framework also allows for simple conversion of an online store to an electronic auction market place or vice versa.

e-Auction Framework Data Sheet

The e-auction framework has the following online auction software features to assist you to have a seamless experience in the online auction process.

  • Provides Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Consumer to Consumer (C2C) e-auction platforms
  • Robust search engines and matching engines to provide quick and responsive search results
  • Real-time notifications and reports, during the online auction
  • Efficient online auction portals for seller and buyers
  • Effective bidding setup to follow predefined rules and mandates in the bidding process
  • Flexible and feature-rich content management system to capture, store, retrieve, flag, and maintain your digital e-auction assets like pictures, text documents and videos
  • Analytics and MIS reports.

You can use the e-auction framework for all the various types of conducting auctions. We briefly list below the robust features that you can avail and benefit by implementing Briskon’s e-auction framework.

  • Forward Auction Setup
  • Reverse Auction
  • Conversion of Online store for e-auction
  • Conversion of an e-auction site as an e-commerce selling platform

The e-auction framework allows you to create online e-auction product stores for potential bidders. You can do the following:

  • Pre-register the bidders
  • Provide samples of the product
  • Upload images, videos and other granular product details
  • Manage the bidding process effectively
  • Manage roles and ensure secure ease-of-access to users.

e-Auction Framework Insights

We provide below some flavours of how you can use the e-auction framework effectively:

  • Role Management:
    Briskon’s e-auction framework provides effective role-based access control. Access is restricted based on user roles and privileges, authorization and permissions.There are separate user roles to access the highly confidential, critical product and bidder information in the e-auction content management system. This means, for example, only an administrator can add or remove users from the system. A user can only upload certain artifacts like videos, images, and product data.
  • Bidding Setup:
    Briskon’s e-auction framework allows you the extensively set up the bidding artifacts. You can set up the bidding rules and bid amount, the historical price, the target price and other parameters easily in the application. The e-auction platform maintains the complete audit trail.
  • Notifications and Analytics:
    The e-auction platform from Briskon has a robust messaging service, search engine, and an analytics process running in the system. These features enable you to get instant real-time alerts and emails. You can also view a graphical representation of the current bid status and you can set up win/lose indicators.
  • Rule Management:
    Any auction process has to follow many legal mandates, rules and guidelines. The Briskon e-auction platform enables you to easily define and manage rules for the sellers, buyers and the other users like the administrators and the accounting team. You can manage business rules and trading sessions effectively.