B2B wholesale online auction platform and distribution system for a large US warehouse firm

Modified on November 23rd, 2023

The Client

Our client is a 12 years old one of the global business groups headquartered in the USA. Their marketplace is fully online where products can be sold and purchased internationally by brand name, name of the wholesalers, discount retailers and bulk lot buyers. They operate warehouses and distribution networks and act as an integrated servicing platform for the sampling, receiving, quality control and shipping of auctioned lots.

Business Situation

The client wanted to build a platform that enables sellers to display their products for auctioning and attract wholesale buyers to trade. Also, they need to proactively protect genuine sellers from abusive buyers. Briskon worked with the client to create a seamlessly integrated online platform and enable the client to achieve this goal.

The Challenges

The existing systems and processes which were procured over a peiod of time, had the following challenges:

  • Reduced efficiency and productivity on all business processes
  • Large manpower needed to manage operations
  • Services offered were not integrated causing disruptions in workflow
  • Substantial cost overheads to run and maintain offline systems
  • Un-scalable solution

The Solution

We used two methods to improve seller experience: focus on generating goodwill among sellers and reducing bad selling experiences. We used our Briskon e-Auction framework to build the entire system upon.

We developed a specific platform for the client with the following distinguished elements

  • Generate heuristics-based rules to auto-suspend abusive buyers on the platform
  • A framework which can be easily scaled out to handle large volume transactional data
  • Integration with online banks, ERP and supply chain systems for controlled delivery of goods being auctioned
  • A platform to register brand partners, buyers and sellers
  • Available online 24*7
  • Accessibility from any geographical location
  • Secure as it authenticates the user through user id and password
  • Searchable auctions to select from easy navigation and user experience
  • Usage tracking
  • Audit trails

Important features captured with solution:

  • User Management
  • Bidding Engine
  • Content Management System
  • Real time Alerts
  • Search
  • Matching Engine


The organization got benefited by managing different levels of users with respect to their information and action effectively
  • Higher repeat purchases
  • A stickier website
  • Expansion of auction business
  • Opportunities to find unique items and collectibles
  • Lower prices, entertainment, anonymity and convenience
  • Increase revenues
  • Optimal price settings
  • Better customer relationships
  • Lower transaction costs and lower administrative costs