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Website Maintenance Services

Keeping your website alive and kicking

Briskon ensures bug-free, fast, secured, and optimized websites, whether built by us or maintained by us. We help our clients reap the power of their website and stay up-to-date with its content, functions, and features through regular audits, maintenance, and updates.

Quality compliant websites through regular maintenance

If website development requires a combination of creativity and business know-how, Website maintenance requires an even greater helping of the two. Team Briskon understands that regularly updating and enhancing a website requires discipline and a deep understanding of your business.

Briskon has extensive experience of designing and development of corporate to individual websites. Post launching your website, we maintain these websites with complete quality compliance.

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Agile Approach

Team Briskon uses a time-tested and proven agile methodology across all its software development services.

Our Website maintenance services include the following:

  • Maintenance
  • Enhancements
  • Updating


  • Ensure that your website is up and running at any time and over any type of browser
  • Raise tickets with the hosting service provider (if not hosted with us) to quickly resolve issues / downtime
  • Re-engineer the site for new browsers / technology platforms. Manage the CMS running in the background, if any
  • Restyling of website from time to time to retain freshness. Optimize updates made to text and images.


  • Increase the number of pages to keep up with your growing business
  • Identify means to improve usability and overall user experience
  • Develop localized versions of the website to suit specific geographies / target audience
  • Add more elements of internet marketing to improve reach of the website.


  • Regularly feed new content to maintain freshness of the website
  • Develop tools to aggregate and publish content from other relevant sources
  • Recommend strategies to establish thought leadership through downloadable and blogs.